Thursday, November 15, 2007

Review -

This sale started as a trade but has now ended as an addiction! I received two bars of soap and one brown sugar scrub as a trade for some shop graphics! The package arrived quickly and safely in a tan envelope. Upon opening, I found a ton of Etsy promos from other shops and even an Etsy sticker along with the two soaps and sugar scrub. I quickly ran to the bathroom to shower. Both soaps smelt just fabulous and the scrub was absolutely delicious, It didn't smell like a base that is commonly used or any product other than brown sugar! Not only do the soaps smell fabulous but they leave your skin clean and soft. Overall, her soaps and scrubs each cost $7.50 with shipping included. I really encourage you to buy at least one bar of her 'turkish mocha' soap! You can find her complete shop here:

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Angelica said...

Hey! You moved! It was my pleasure to work with you!