Monday, November 19, 2007

Review -

Sometimes I wonder if anyone else remembers the first shop on Etsy they really truly fell in love with. I know I remember mine, it was the shop of sourkittenglass who had these amazing little 'mod glass pendants'. I knew eventually, I had to go back and get something and so I did. The dark pink glass of the pendant is cut and capped with clear glass for depth and clarity. The piece is accented with three little black dots. First the piece goes in the kiln to fully fuse it. Then the pieces are ground to achieve the shape desired, and re-fired in the kiln to fire polish it. All of her glass items are properly annealed (cooled slowly) to ensure strength and durability. Sourkittenglass now has much more of a variety in her shop including screenprints on these wonderful and colorful glass pendants!

Overall, she is a wonderful person to work with and I will work with her again soon hopefully! I highly recommend her shop to anyone who loves fun, retro, and modern pendants. You can find her shop and items here:

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