Friday, November 16, 2007

Review -

There is a bit of a story of why I really wanted parasolsister's 'Inner Ear Pendant'. I grew up with a mother that lost her hearing at a young age, before grade school. Growing up she struggled with speech and her personality as well. Many people never understood why she spoke or acted the way she did so I always had to explain to people. It made me feel helpless when people asked in front of her as well. I am hoping this necklace shows the strength my mom has in her and also makes a statement to others. It has been a burden to grow up with a mother that was disabled but it also is part of who I am today.

Parasolsister pierces and cuts an image out of the top sheet and rivets it with tube spacers to the base with felt backing to give the negative image a color. Every piece in this pendant is handmade which is just gorgeous, I love the handmade vintagey feel of the different metals.

I 100% recommend anyone looking for a necklace, to look through her shop, which can be found here:


PureKatherine said...

great pic! this seller has definitely caught my eye, and i can't wait to find a piece i love when i have the funds for it!

Anonymous said...

Touching story to compliment a beautiful piece!