Thursday, November 15, 2007

Review -

Moving to a new apartment I had barely any art on my walls. I finally found the courage to approach a shop that I had loved since I joined, for a trade. Estasketches screen-prints are just imaginative and thought provoking. She uses soft, neutral colors with splashes of bolder colors to give it just the right pop. The silkscreen print and journal shipped quickly and arrived at my apartment safe and sound. Her print and journal were enclosed in a cellophane packaging for safe keeping. The notebook is just wonderful! I think it's a brilliant idea having different types of paper within the same, very attractive cover. The book is a really handy size (4"x 6") and contains about 20 pages. I love the idea that is is all recycled papers and scrap art pieces. The print is one print of a small series which follows a regular girl through a regular day, who just can't escape her inner desire to be somewhere else [or someone else] completely. I highly recommend checking out her shop, I'm sure you will find it lovely and addicting to look through. You can check out her shop here:


esta sketch said...

Thank you so much for the feature! I'm glad you liked everything.
I know what it's like having blank walls, I've finally just gotten a bunch of gorgeous etsy art up in my apartment and it looks a thousand times better already! I'll have some photos up soon - your photos look beautiful up there together :)

PureKatherine said...

great feature! definitely a favorite of mine, i can't wait til i live somewhere to buy most of her stuff!

Anonymous said...

Esta is a fabulous person and an amazingly talented artist! Her sense of color & design rock my world!