Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Inspiration -

With my daily life in general there are those certain places, certain people, certain art, and certain oddities that just make me smile and take a deep breath to slow my day down. Well, this print by Jen Oaks is just one of those things. Everyone I have shown this too admits to it reminding them of someone they know, whether those people are still close friends or not so much, it still strikes that chord in them. The colors in this print were just executed so fantastically that your eyes look at both the print in general and each individual detail.

Jen Oaks is an aspiring editorial illustrator and gallery artist who likes to make things. I encourage you all to check out her shop and to remember to shop handmade:


Angie said...

That print is just so beautiful. I can see how it makes you smile :o)

jen o said...

hi there! thank you for the write up. your blog is lovely. :)