Thursday, November 15, 2007

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I don't even know why I bought SugarLips' 'Veggie Deodorant Stick' in the first place, all I know is I did and I am now amazingly hooked! The package took quite a while to get here but it was from an understanding view, she was out of materials. When I did receive the package it was very nicely done with handwritten addresses and sealed nicely! Upon opening I found my deodorant, a sample of some wonderful menthol smelling soap, and a piece of paper saying thank you for your order and a coupon code for 10% off my next order! I will never go back to non-veggie store bought deodorant after using this. The smell (mine was apricot vanilla but she had many to choose from) was not overly strong and stayed while you went out and played volleyball or even if you sat at home. I was sick and tired of smelling like cucumber and sweat when using a store bought deodorant. Ick. Here are some facts about sugar lips and her amazingly delicious (non-edible) deodorant:

  • None of these items (in any phase of their production) have been tested on animals.
  • Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil have also been added to help eliminate ingrown hairs.
  • Made with vegetable protein that is commonly used in food and hospital facilities, this deodorant stick neutralizes the enzymes that cause odor and turns them into a simple salt. It is both aluminum and bactericide free!
  • SugarLips' laboratory is located in an office building in beautiful downtown Chicago.
Over all for the deodorant I paid $10.50 including shipping. I realize that $10.50 may be much more than they want to spend to try something like deodorant. SugarLips is also now offering trial size deodorants! I really encourage all of you to at least try the sample size! You can find these deodorants and more at her shop:

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Jessica said...

I love sugarlips! I have some in lemon sugar and it's awesome.