Thursday, November 15, 2007

Review -

I'm not usually the person to buy a purse/bag that costs much over my phone bill, but this lovely 'market bag' made by moop I just had to have! The shipping did take quite a while. I ordered on 10.01.07 and received the bag on 10.17.07. She does have a disclaimer in their shop about shipping times though, so I wasn't worried at all. The package arrived in nice packaging with handwritten addresses. Upon opening the package, the wrapping paper was screenprinted with the moop logo. I was quite impressed by the little touch of packaging, simplistic but very sophisticated. The bag was just as I expected and more, the fabric is heavy yet soft, it's made of heavyweight tan canvas and lined in a lovely light tan cotton. The inside boasts 6 useful pockets and a pair of d-rings for clipping keys. It's a great bag for carrying lots of things...books, laptops, clothes, groceries. There are no loose strings anywhere that would immediately say it was a bad manufacturing. The moop logo was again screenprinted on the inside of the purse. The bag is huge, I'm about 5' so the bag looks a bit overwhelming on me but thats how it is supposed to look. The dimensions of the bag are as follows:

12" across the top
13" deep
16" across the bottom
When holding the strap in the middle, the bag hangs about 14" down.

I don't regret this purchase at all. I use this bag for everything and even thats an understatement. If you are looking for a new bag to add to your collection I highly recommend you buy a moop purse/bag. They are worth the money, overall I paid $80.50 including some nice priority shipping. You can find this moop bag and others at her shop here:


PureKatherine said...

i wonder if moop would do her purses in different colors. i really love the size of them, but i prefer a v line cut to an a so it's easy to get into while still on your shoulder, but the fun colors would probably tip the scales for me. I also love the idea of how many pockets she's got inside of it!

i know i convo'd that to you earlier, but it seems comment worthy. i think i'm going to convo her this weekend.

Katherine said...

Hmm I want one.